Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

Just some of the many awesome adventures this week.....

Jessica's driving!!

Chase, Jason and I got an opportunity to hear Soup Campbell speak at the Men's Downline Summit - Life on a Mission.  We were challenged by Soup and look forward to the rest of the conference. 

Charlie and Sam have put in overtime hours this week working together on this lego project.  It's so amazing how they have learned to work together so well.  Every week they have the opportunity to work on a project together, an opportunity they wouldn't necessarily get if they were in a traditional school atmosphere.  They have time to be creative, dream and pursue their interests all while they are learning to work together -  useful skills to have  where ever they go to school next! 

This is one of my most favorite things!   Anamarie in her "5 year-old princess dress" she wears just about everyday, reading to her baby.   The true beauty of this picture is not in the dress or in the pretty girl wearing it, it is in the transformation that has occurred in her spirit after two intentional years of giving her a lot of lap time, prayers, boundaries, structure, laughter, grace, love and security.  Anamarie has blossomed into a very confident, secure, happy little girl.    There is nothing more beautiful than a living picture of God's redemption!