Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Honoring your Parents

I haven't had the opportunity to post in a while.  My mom came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  She has been battling cancer for 20 months and began hospice this past week.  What incredible perseverance.  Having her stay with us has not been easy but what a blessing it has turned out to be.   Just tonight she was sad because she has become so dependent and helpless.  I told her not to be sad that it wasn't that long ago that I was even more helpless and dependent on her for everything.  I got to tell her how thankful I was that in my weakness she fed me, changed my diapers, carried me in a sling, bathed me, sang to me and comforted me.  I told her how blessed I was that I had an opportunity take care of her in some of the same ways.  I believe the best gift you can give your parents is the gift of honor.  Whether you grew up in a home full of love or, like many, one filled with hurt and pain, obeying God's command to "Honor your father and mother..." can bring unexpected blessings to you and them.  While she has been here I have been given the opportunity to express understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. My children have seen, first hand, what it means to love, serve, and sacrifice unconditionally.  What a gift that is  in a culture where we fail to train our youth in what it means to honor their parents. Dennis Rainey has said that "The fifth commandment has become the forgotten commandment."

During our time with her we have provided her a lot of entertainment and a few tender moments.  At times I just get to pray over her or sit at the end of the bed and read scripture filling the room with words that bring peace and calm.  She gets to sit with the windows wide open and watch the boys play endless innings of backyard baseball.  Anamarie provided her with antlers to wear while her cap was being laundered.  Jason and Chase enjoyed her wigs and made us laugh until we hurt.  We have talked about death and what that means for us now and what it means for us eternally.  I am blessed to have had that time with her.   Are you willing to see your parents, in all their humanity, through the eyes of Christ?  Have you forgiven them for how they have hurt you? Do you need to ask their forgiveness for anything?  How can you honor your parents?

Jason and Chase loved the wigs!  So many options!

Nana reading to Anamarie.  Anamarie sharing her antlers.

Weren't they on CHiPs?!?